Our Duties

We ensure clean and fresh surroundings and a healthy working environment and the basis for well-being and employee productivity.

We will maintain our cleaning service standards by offering efficient and flexible cleaning solutions based on individual client’s needs and feedbacks. Moreover, we are constantly developing new methods, tools and materials, which help to improve the cleaning as well as the working conditions of our employees while minimising and negative effect on the environment.

Our employees

Our skilled and motivated employees undergo classes and trainings to update, enhance their skills so as to ensure that work is by a set of well- trained cleaners living up to our client’s expectations and high quality services.

Daily Office Cleaning

  • Employed full time cleaner
  • Stable daily office cleaning
  • Educate cleaners to be honest and amicable

Visible Cleaning

  • Daytime cleaning without disturbing customer employees
  • Increased dialogue with end-users
  • Improved quality and customer satisfaction

Periodical cleaning

  • Thorough cleaning of the entire covered areas
  • Curtain, carpet and upholstery
  • Hi-Jet, Hi-Dusting, toilet descaling and floor scrubbing

Window Cleaning

  • Window polishing
  • Inspection and detection
  • Window maintenance

Dust Control

  • Entrance mats and carpets
  • Carpet shampooing every quarterly
  • Customised mats

Washroom service

  • Dispensers and washroom articles
  • Supply, installation, maintenance and basic plumbing service

Space and cleanliness management for major events and specials project:

  • Community Centre durian festival
  • Chinese seventh month festival dinner
  • National parade and end of year countdown events and banquets
  • Wedding functions
  • Grand opening function with the arrival of MP
  • Open field live show events

In a bid to keep up with our clients’ expectations of professional services, our staff regularly attend trainings and equipment are timely upgraded. As an acknowledgement of our commitment in providing quality services, several of our clients have engaged our services repeatedly. Client’s satisfaction will continue to be our utmost priority.